The Best of Forex Scalping

Profitable Forex Scalping – Can it be done?

Is it really possible to take on forex scalping with 90% accuracy and consistently reliable results?

Sure, we’ve all heard it: “Make $100,000 in under 27 minutes trading the Forex:  easy, no work, no risk – just a ton of money! “

Forex ScalpingWell, it just doesn’t work like that, does it? Unfortunately there is real work and real risk involved when doing anything and that includes scalping forex. And trading the forex markets can mean exposing yourself to a high level of risk if you don’t know what you’re doing.

So, does this forex scalping course really deliver on it claims? Can it be true or is it just another case of hype on the internet?

I know, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. No hype here, just fact.  And how do I know? I have been through the course myself. And I still use this trading style and technique today, actually pretty much every day I trade.


Forex Scalping – My Story

Before going through the “The London Close Trade Strategy” course, I had a hard time making consistent profits with my old forex scalping method. Sure, I would make money here and there, but nothing consistent.

I would mix up my time frames, jump from method to method, get in late or get out early, hang on to trades that I should have just dropped, ignore the time of day … and the list goes on.

Talk about frustrating! I was close to throwing in the towel and just walking away, since my schedule then just didn’t allow me to trade other hours of the day, except the timeframe of the London close.

But lucky for me I came across Vic Noble’s and Shirley Hudson’s Scalping course. What a life saver!

As soon as I got the course I went through it – and not just once, but a second and a third time. The next morning, I tried their method in my demo account and low and behold, this stuff worked.

That morning I had 3 setups. Yes, that’s right – three! And I took all three of them and all of them made money. What a difference; I couldn’t believe it.

The real beauty of this system is that it has a set time frame. So no more sitting around, staring at the screen forever (who has the time for that anyway?) and waiting for a setup. With this method you trade during a set period of time and then you’re done.

Using this forex scalping method has allowed me to keep trading and finally getting the results that I wanted. I am finally profitable. Sure, I have losers – can’t avoid that when trading. But using this style sure has turned my trading around.

Shirley Hudson, who created this trade, has been trading this strategy with a 93% accuracy for the past 12 month now. Unheard of, I know – but true.

Shirley combines the timeframe of the London close with a unique entry strategy, called the Noble entry. The combination of timeframe and entry method is brilliant. And it works like a charm. Once you’ve learned this method you won’t want to trade anything else.

Oh, one more thing. The amount of risk required for this trade is small – usually under 18 pips and often even less than that.

Shirley has defined targets she uses to take profits. And even though the typical profit targets are smaller than those for a day trade, it is not uncommon at all that you get a day trade like profit from a scalp.


Forex Scalping – Final Thoughts

This forex scalping strategy makes for a great trade: it’s reliable, requires low risk and it sets up almost every single trading day (at least in a few pairs).

Check out the “London Close Trade Strategy” course for yourself by clicking this link right here.  I promise you won’t be disappointed with this forex scalping strategy !

Good trading,


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